8 Keys to End to Bullying

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Tackling an all-too-prevalent problem among kids with 8 smart, practical strategies.

Groundbreaking books have peered into the psychology of bullying and the cultural climate that—seemingly now more than ever—gives rise to such cruelty and aggression. But few have been able to synthesize what we know into 8 simple, targeted “keys” that equip educators, professionals, and parents with practical strategies to tackle the issue head-on. This book answers that call.

Social media bullying—and the recent tragedies stemming from it—has given the widespread problem a new dimension. While no magic cure-all exists, adults can learn and implement all sorts of quick and easy techniques that can make a huge difference in the lives of kids. In 8 core strategies, this book lays them out, from establishing meaningful connections with kids to creating a positive school climate, addressing cyberbullying, building social emotional competence, reaching out to bullies, empowering bystanders, and much more.



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“When someone you love is being bullied it can feel overwhelming. You’re desperate to fix the problem but you don’t know what to do. In 8 smart, simple steps, Signe Whitson’s book gives readers a clear, common sense plan to address it. It’s a clear, practical ‘how to’ book that makes a seemingly overwhelming issue more manageable.” — Rosalind Wiseman, internationally recognized parenting & bullying expert; author of Queen Bees and Wannabes


“[A]n excellent set of tools to help young people deal with bullying. . . Whitson goes beyond the expected. . .providing exercises, questions to consider, and practical strategies to help victims, bystanders, and even bullies. . . . A necessary read for parents and teachers.” (Publishers Weekly)


“Complete with example scenarios, exercises for readers, and sample responses, the author does a convincing job of helping adults feel empowered to address this important issue.” (Library Journal)


“Whitson blasts a hole in the darkness, providing useful information on how this form of persecution can be halted.” (Kirkus Reviews)


“Whitson shines when she approaches anti-bullying from a teaching framework . . . . Whitson’s overall emphasis on having conversations with kids, exchanging ideas, and fostering mutual agreement will undoubtedly benefit both parents and children.” (PsychCentral)


“Whitson shares illustrative examples, current research, and practical strategies that anyone who works with children can use . . . [A]ccessible and practical. . . the book can help equip adults, who might otherwise feel at a loss when they encounter bullying, with the strategies, knowledge, and encouragement that they can make a difference.” (Barclay & Associates, PC, Newsletter)


“Whitson breaks down the massive topic of bullying prevention by organizing it into eight comprehensive keys, each filled with teaching points, engaging stories, and actionable advice. Her book is both enjoyable to read and highly useful as a guide for educators and parents who want to make a difference.” (Carrie Goldman, award-winning author of Bullied: What Every Parent, Teacher, and Kid Needs to Know About Ending the Cycle of Fear)


“Signe Whitson combines current research and best practices in 8 Keys to End Bullying to not only open the door to comprehensive bullying prevention, but also to help plug the holes in policies so that no child falls through the cracks.” (Heather Thomas, MA, LLPC, School Counselor and Child Therapist; www.thehelpfulcounselor.com)


“Signe Whitson’s expertise, compassion, and practical advice for addressing and preventing bullying come shining through in 8 Keys to End Bullying. This book offers great tips, strategies, and resources for parents, educators, and counseling professionals who want to make a positive difference in children’s lives. I highly recommend it!” — Trudy Ludwig, children’s advocate and bestselling author of Confessions of a Former Bully and The Invisible Boy.



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