Anxiety & Emotional Regulation in Young People

Based on her work with students over the last 20 years, Signe offers workshops for professionals and parents who want to help the young people in their lives better manage intense emotions such as anger, frustration, and anxiety.  The following two workshops have been presented as teacher in-services and/or at Parent Education nights to help adults better understand and support the social, emotional, and behavioral health of kids.


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Brain-Based Strategies for Helping Kids Calm Down

This 2-hour program offers professionals and parents practical strategies for helping young people regulate their emotions in school and home settings.  Grounded in knowledge of what is going on in a child’s brain during stressful moments, Signe provides dozens of ideas for how to effectively Regulate, Respond and build Relationships with young people.  Based on the premises that ‘kids do well if they can’ (Greene, 2008) and that an adult’s role is to ‘look beyond behavior,’ this workshop teaches participants how to meet children where they are in their brain development and to use trauma-informed practices to help kids develop the skills they need to do well consistently.



This 90-minute program teaches professionals and parents how to better understand what is happening in a young person’s brain during periods of stress and anxiety and how to use this knowledge to best support kids.  Participants will learn specific strategies to help kids become better regulated and gain ideas for how to respond more effectively to a young person who is overwhelmed by anxiety.  Attendees will gain specific insights into what kids say they need to manage their anxiety and learn dozens of hands-on, practical tools to help kids better cope with their worries.


For more information on bringing either program to your school or organization, please email Signe directly at or use the Contact form.


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