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In her workshops and trainings, Signe uses her 20+ years of experience working with children, adolescents, and families to offer insights, advice, and practical strategies for bringing an end to bullying.  A frequent speaker at local and national conferences, Signe also presents directly to students, staff, and parents.  Contact her today to book your next event.


Zoom trainings available!  Email Signe for details: (signewhitson@yahoo.com)



Through interactive workshops, students participate in engaging discussions, skill-building scenarios, and hands-on activities to learn practical strategies for bringing an end to bullying.  Signe customizes every student presentation based on the needs identified by each school.  Most requested programs include:


  • #Words Matter: Students learn the key difference between rude, mean & bullying behaviors and gain specific strategies for responding effectively to each one.  This 45-60 min presentation is highly interactive and uses realistic scenarios and small group work to help kids understand and relate to the key concepts.


  • What’s Your 1 Thing?:  In this interactive presentation, students learn about their power to be a “superhero” to someone else by stepping in to stop bullying anytime they see it.  Kids will identify and commit to practical ways that they have the power to stop bullying. This 45-60 min presentation uses extensive student participation to build practical skills.


  • 10 Rules for Enjoying Life Online & Deleting Cyberbullying: Students learn 10 relatable rules for enjoying social media and technology without falling prey to its common pitfalls.  This interactive presentation is usually scheduled in 45-60 minutes.



The bad news: Bullying among young people is a widespread problem in the United States. If there was a one-size-fits-all solution to the problem, it would have been suggested and implemented long ago. Getting a handle on bullying is a complex challenge that leaves many professionals and parents feeling overwhelmed and helpless.

The good news: “Big” solutions are trumped each and every day by the small, powerful acts that trustworthy adults can use to signal to individual kids that their dignity is paramount and that their safety will be prioritized.

Signe offers these two workshops for professionals and parents:


  • Practical Strategies for Bringing an End to Bullying: In this training, participants learn how to discern between rude, mean, and bullying behaviors among young people and how to assess reported incidents of bullying in schools.  Educators will gain ideas for shaping a school culture that helps prevent bullying and for integrating social and emotional learning into regular curriculum.  Professionals and parents alike will learn specifics for what they can say to students to stop bullying in-the-moment and how to listen effectively to students when they reach out for help.  Intervening to keep social media activity from interfering with school dynamics will also be discussed.


  • What Professionals and Parents Need to Know to Keep Kids Safe Online: It’s a fact of 21st century life that most kids are connected to each other 24-7.  While adults have good reasons to believe that they’ll never be quite as knowledgeable as kids about technology and social media, it’s essential that we do our best to keep up on the options available to young people and offer them our guidance and wisdom (in place of our lectures and thou shalt nots) on how to use technology safely, respectfully, and with dignity.  In this training, Signe offers parents strategies for dealing with sexting and identifies the most popular apps that parents need to know about in order to keep kids safe online.


Keynotes, in-services, and workshops for professionals and parents are typically scheduled over 60-90 minutes.


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