Understanding & Ending Bullying Workshops

I want you to know how much your bullying material has impacted my 3rd and 4th graders this year. The number of bullying reports have significantly gone down, and I’ll get statements in my office like, “Ms. Alaine, I went over the three P’s, and I don’t think it’s bullying. But I still need some help!” We also spent a long time in 4th grade talking about our Bully-Busting Spirit Animals, so I’m able to point out in individual sessions when someone is acting like a “Tiger” and they know exactly what I’m talking about. It has been so neat to give such clear directions for helping my kiddos navigate their world. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us! —Alaine Dawson, M.Ed. School Counselor Grades PK-4, Our Lady of Mercy Catholic School, Baton Rouge, LA.


–We certainly benefited from your expertise.  I could not be more excited about the positive energy generated from your being here with us.  Our families and teachers are especially excited to put your advice into practice.  We will meet later today to plan our next steps. Cathy Edwards, Head of School, Carden Arbor View School


–Things have been going so well since your visit. My lower school teachers have been following up with their students everyday on kindness activities and we have heard from several students and parents that there is a change here. Of course the important thing is to keep it going! Thank you again for all that you shared with us and for such a healthy path you’ve put us on.   Julie Schlossinger, Head of the Lower School, Vail Mountain School


–I had the pleasure to meet Signe at the California Behavioral Services Conference last year, had a chance to chat with her at a dinner, and saw her deliver one of the Keynote speeches. I was extremely impressed with approach to the bullying issue being faced. It had none of the potential “hysteria” about it I have seen from some…it was balanced, thoughtful and very applicable. Someone to consider if you are looking for training in that area.Frank Delano, LMSW,  President of Professional Package Consulting Inc. 


–Signe is accommodating, helpful, and knowledgeable about bullying. She was able to answer questions and gave great feedback.

–Signe was one of the most engaging, energetic, knowledgeable, and lovely presenters I’ve had the good fortune to meet. Thank you for a wonderful day!

-Well prepared,practical, and useful information.  I feel infinitely more prepared to handle bullying issues in my classroom and in the hallways.

–I saw that the girls were understanding and getting into the program.  As a Girl Scout Troop Leader and a Service Unit Manager, I would strongly recommend the Book and Program to other Girl Scout Troops. It was very informative and it was at a level that the girls understood.

–Best training I have attended in as long as I can remember!


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Parenting the Challenging Child


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Training on The Angry Smile: Changing Passive Aggressive Behavior

–The material on passive aggressive behavior in children was very applicable to my job and will be helpful in dealing with my own kids.  I can see myself using these skills in both my professional and personal life.

–Thanks so much.  I’m very much looking forward to using the book with both my students, myself, and my granddaughter.  I know it’s going to be a great help.  The workshop in Bedford, NH was wonderful for me, although it made me sad to recognize the long-lasting effects of childhood experiences within myself.  However, as my husband encouraged me, “Now we know what to look for with respect to our granddaughter and we can help her so she can be free from the anger and its side effects.”  Thank you for this valuable workshop!  It was a pleasure.

–The 8 skills for managing my own behavior when dealing with a passive aggressive person are invaluable.

–I am taking away systematic ways to confront passive aggressive behavior as well as insight into how I act when I encounter passive aggression.

–The six steps of Benign Confrontation will be very useful in helping kids change their behavior in the long term.

–Signe…I just attended your workshop in Bedford, NH ‘The Angry Smile’…I also bought your ‘hot off the press’ book ‘How to be Angry’…I cannot wait to read them both & take them back to my school & spread the information I took from your presentation! You are a fabulous presenter…Thank you

–Dynamic & engaging! Very knowledgeable.

–Signe was great! She was very open to discussion—knowledgeable and attentive to multiple learning styles.

–Thoughtful and engaging presenter.



Life Space Crisis Intervention Training:


Thank you for the life-changing experience I had as a participant in the LSCI training January 24-26.  I have had the opportunity to us LSCI on a daily basis.  My goal is to help our staff at the Alternative school by providing them with the tools of LSCI.  I do plan on incorporating LSCI into my dissertation and will be looking to you for assistance in the future.Thank you, Signe. I look forward to working with you again in the future.                                                                –Kay Arnold, M.Ed.


–I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the LSCI course. Your teaching style is great, particularly for this type of course. Role-play is sometimes difficult for some people, however; your relaxed style made it easier for us all to get into it. Your examples were very helpful and brought the concepts to life.            -Lela Weems, PhD, LPC


–One of the most important things I learned is to remember to focus on what’s behind a child’s behavior, and not just on the behavior itself. Thank you!


–I am a Special Education teacher so I deal with kids in crisis often. This was the perfect training for me.


–I will use these skills daily as a teacher.


–Signe is VERY knowledgeable in LSCI. She used great examples and shared her experiences using the intervention skills.


— I learned to be calm and focused on the child’s needs, rather than solely on their behavior.


— I will treat kids in a non-judgmental way when using the reclaiming interventions.

–I am taking away from this training the knowledge of how important it is to listen to children, rather than to think I always have to have all of the answers. I will remember Signe’s emphasis on the importance of making a child feel heard and understood.



Friendship & Other Weapons

–Friendship and Other Weapons has a wealth of new activities that teach young girls how to navigate the dark side of friendship and stand up to bullying. With clear, simple instructions and powerful points to make about friendship and aggression, this curriculum is a must have for anyone working with young girls. I can’t wait to try out some of the
activities! —Rachel Simmons, author of Odd Girl Out: The Hidden Culture of Aggression in Girls


Friendship and Other Weapons is a wonderful resource for educators, counseling professionals, parents, and group
leaders who wish to address bullying and instill pro-social friendship skills in girls ages 5-11. I highly recommend it.” –Trudy Ludwig, best-selling author of My Secret Bully


Want a proven way to help girls feel powerful enough to stand up to friendship bullies? This is it. The  variety of activities reaches girls with different learning styles. The positive approach equips both parents and teachers with the tools they need to help girls assertively call out and reject friendship bullying.–Nancy Gruver, Founder of New Moon Girl Media

How to Be Angry

–Finally, a social emotional step-by-step curriculum to address the needs of elementary students who have specific behavioral and/or emotional concerns! This curriculum provides fun and purposeful activities and lessons to teach students how to make and refuse requests, disagreeing without arguing, responding to anger appropriately, problem solving, and much more. As a professional who works with children who have severe emotional and behavioral concerns, this book is a must! We are currently implementing this program district-wide in our classrooms that support students with emotional and behavioral needs. This is a great resource and I could not be more thrilled to finally find a great resource like this for our younger children! I highly recommend this book to anyone looking to teach children appropriate social skills, anger management techniques, assertiveness, and more!–Michele Bethel, DC Public Schools via amazon.com


–As a parent of two young teens I found the role plays in Chapter Nine, on the subject of handling bullies, immensely helpful! My kids loved them! They were so realistic! These are just the kinds of situations my kids deal with at school. The exercise involved in leading them through what was a passive, or an aggressive, or an assertive response, really helped my teens understand how to handle a bully in many different situations. Assertiveness works!

The “Parents Notes” about keeping communication with teens open were very helpful to me. I appreciated the thought that you should take your adolescents seriously when they tell you about bullying. It is too easy to minimize their experiences, or interrupt them with stories of your own teen-age traumas. They need a listening parent. This book makes that clear! It is such a valuable resource for all parents of toddlers, school-age children, and teenagers!


–I shared this book, “How to Be Angry” with both my school counselor and our CIS (Communities in Schools)teacher, who both work with small groups of students in anger management & behavior issues. We all love the easy to read format that includes background of the issue, lesson ideas/activities to help students work through their anger. This would be an excellent resource for every teacher to have on hand as we are seeing an increase of students entering school with pent up anger issues and not knowing how to deal with these feelings. Without addressing these issues and teaching students what to do when they get angry, behavior problems soon follow. As a parent, I also recommend this book as I have used several of the ideas with my own children to help them deal with their anger in an appropriate way…it is very practical on many levels!

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