8 Keys to End Bullying Activity Book

Looking for a Fun, Skill-Building Resource for Kids?

The 8 Keys to End Bullying Activity Book is filled with dozens of worksheets, quizzes, experiments, questions, and answers mixed in with games, puzzles, journaling challenges, and real-life stories that teach kids how to:


  • Distinguish between rude, mean, and bullying behavior8 keys activity book
  • Stand up for themselves and others
  • Use technology & social media in fun, safe ways
  • Connect with genuine, trustworthy friends
  • Respectfully distance themselves from frenemies
  • And so much more!


Every activity in this book is designed to teach kids how they, personally, can help stop bullying and #beknownforbeingkind.


The 8 Keys Companion Guide

Teaching a Class, Leading a Small Group, or Working with Your Own Child?

The 8-12 age range marks a critical window of time in the social and emotional development of kids, one in which adults are still highly influential. The 8 Keys to End Bullying Companion Guide for Parents & Educators, enhances the role of parents and educators in helping young people navigate challenging social dynamics and overcome bullying. As a “leader’s manual” for The 8 Keys to End Bullying Activity Book for Kids & Tweens, it provides helpful guidelines and vital background information for leading kids and students through each of the activities and lessons.  Books are available individually or as a set.

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Screening Tool for Reported Incidents of Bullying

Is it Rude, Is it Mean or Is It Bullying? Activity for Kids


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Reader Reviews:

  • The activities are fun to do and I couldn’t wait to see what was coming next. After I completed the 8 Keys I really wanted to get rid of bullying at my school. I learned what bullying is and things I can do to stop it.” (Ashlyn, age 11)


  • “Signe Whitson continues to be one of the most dynamic leaders in bullying education and crisis intervention among youth. These interactive guides for students, parents, and educators provide the hands-on tools to help kids and tweens cope wisely with real-life situations, both offline and online. These workbooks are full of engaging and collaborative games, worksheets, and thought-provoking activities that will stay with your child longer than simply reading a book. Whitson’s activity program allows you to get involved with your child on both an emotional level and an educational one―these are definitely two books you must reach out and buy.” (Sue Scheff, Parent Advocate, Internet Safety Expert and author of Shame Nation)


  • “Well-organized and easily relatable, this workbook and companion guide will help kids understand categories of aggressive behaviors―such as how rude, mean, and bullying behaviors differ―and teach them to treat others with respect and kindness. Bravo for a fun, accessible anti-bullying activity program!” t Ending the Cycle of Fear)(Carrie Goldman, award-winning author of Bullied: What Every Parent, Teacher, and Kid Needs to Know About Ending the Cycle of Fear)











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