Changing Passive Aggression

The Angry Smile training courses are designed for anyone who lives, works, or interacts with a passive aggressive person and wants to better understand and manage the often-troubling dynamics.  NOW with three different TRAINING OPTIONS to meet your scheduling needs, the 2-hour, full-day and online workshop options offer a comprehensive understanding of why people choose to use passive aggressive behaviors, how this anger expression style operates at five distinct levels, and what you can do to respond effectively to the passive aggressive person in your life.


The full-day Angry Smile training features the Passive Aggressive Conflict Cycle as well as a six-step process for confronting and changing passive aggressive behaviors in the long-term, using extensive discussion, video examples, and role play.  It offers 6 CEU’s for school psychologists in most states.


For more information or to arrange an Angry Smile training for your school, organization, or workplace, please contact Signe at


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–The material on passive aggressive behavior in children was very applicable to my job and will be helpful in dealing with my own kids.  I can see myself using these skills in both my professional and personal life.


–Thanks so much.  I’m very much looking forward to using the book with both my students, myself, and my granddaughter.  I know it’s going to be a great help.  The workshop in Bedford, NH was wonderful for me, although it made me sad to recognize the long-lasting effects of childhood experiences within myself.  However, as my husband encouraged me, “Now we know what to look for with respect to our granddaughter and we can help her so she can be free from the anger and its side effects.”  Thank you for this valuable workshop!  It was a pleasure.


–The 8 skills for managing my own behavior when dealing with a passive aggressive person are invaluable.


–I am taking away systematic ways to confront passive aggressive behavior as well as insight into how I act when I encounter passive aggression.


–The six steps of Benign Confrontation will be very useful in helping kids change their behavior in the long term.


–Signe…I just attended your workshop in Bedford, NH ‘The Angry Smile’…I also bought your ‘hot off the press’ book ‘How to be Angry’…I cannot wait to read them both & take them back to my school & spread the information I took from your presentation! You are a fabulous presenter…Thank you



Signe training The Angry Smile at SERESC in Bedford, NH November, 2011


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