Great Video to Teach Kids about the Permanency of Online Posts


In Friendship & Other Weapons, girls are given the opportunity to learn and talk about the role of social media in their lives and relationships.  This YouTube video is a great entre for teaching girls–and boys–about the permancy of what they post online–via Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, or even text.  “Once you post it, you lose control.”

Showing and discussing this video with kids is 99 seconds well-spent.

Friendship & Other Weapons featured in the Reclaiming Children & Youth Journal


Don’t just take my word for it; check out this new review of Friendship & Other Weapons, featured in the Reclaiming Children & Youth newsletter:

No-Name Calling Week Targets Bullying in Schools


It turns out that while sticks and stones can break your bones, words can also really hurt. In honor of proving the out-of-date childhood adage incorrect, the week of January 23rd-27th has been set aside as No Name-Calling Week in schools across the country.

Check out my recommendations on Yahoo! Shine for best children’s book titles that can help you reinforce this important anti-bullying message at home:

A Powerful Suicide Prevention Video Message: 100 Reasons to Stay


Suicide is the 3rd leading cause of death among young people.  GLBTQ teens have a suicide rate that is up to 3-4 times higher than this already sky-high rate.   There “It Gets Better” campaign seeks to help young people know that there is life after bullying and reasons to survive.

This video, created by a couple of kids out of Quinnipiac University, is part of a junior capstone project about suicide prevention.

The video has had a real effect on people dealing with depression or even having suicidal thoughts,” Lauren Taylor said, “I got an email from one girl saying thank you for helping me realize that there is something to look forward to tomorrow.”


100 Reasons to Stay from Lauren Taylor on Vimeo.

One Girl’s Anti-Bullying Efforts Make a Difference Throughout Her School


I adore this news story about how one empathic, ready-to-make-her-world-better 8th grade girl used simple, handwritten messages on Post-It notes to change the culture in her school!  Please give it a read:


In Friendship & Other Weapons, I challenge kids to think about how they can help end bullying before, during, and after it occurs.  Kids brainstorm ideas and really learn about what it means to be a (s)hero instead of a bystander.  I want kids to learn and remember that it is never okay to doing nothing about bullying.


Samantha Bremmer, the girl featured in the article, can obviously attest to the fact that little things kids do to create an anti-bullying culture in school can make a huge difference.  WAY TO GO, GIRL!!  Inspire on!

FREE International Bully Prevention E-Zine now available


Check out the January edition of the International Bully Prevention E-Zine. GREAT read for adults and kids alike. And I’m not just saying that because an article of mine is included.

7 Skills Parents Can Teach Their Kids for Standing Up to Bullies

Click here to check out this article, posted on the website Parents Are Important, featuring 7 skills parents can teach their kids, for standing up to bullying.

A Stop to Bullying Starts with Changing a Mindset

“Sticks and Stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me.”

When it comes to the damage that bullying can do to a young person’s self-esteem (not to mention desire to go to school, academic success, relationships at home, etc), this old adage has been proven untrue a million times over.

The article posted below talks about the importance of changing mindsets when it comes to the real and lasting damage that bullying can do. It also emphasizes the role of technology in bullying and how important it is that parents are aware of how their kids are using technology to impact others.

In Friendship & Other Weapons, I dedicate a chapter to teaching kids skills for the ethical use of technology and social media. The chapter is available for preview on Please check it out, along with this great article on changing mindsets:

Rachel Simmons Offers Parents Advice on Cell Phone and Social Media Limits


Rachel Simmons, bestselling author of Odd Girl Out and co-founder of the Girls Leadership Institute (GLI), offers great insights and advice for parents on how to walk the fine line between stalking their children’s technology usage and taking a totally hands-off approach.  Her advice on effective limit-setting–and why limits are so important socially and academically–is great:



Girls Not as Nice as Sugar and Spice


Check out this news story from “across the pond:”  Friendship & Other Weapons is featured in an article in the Irish Independent newspaper!

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