New Moon Girls: When Your Parents Won’t Let You Do Things


I must admit, I am a big fan of the well-constructed argument from an articulate kid.  And this is a great one.  I love this teen’s assertive and respectful version of the “you catch more flies with honey…” approach to getting what you want from parents:

5 Steps for Turning Stressful Situations into Learning Opportunities with Kids


6-year old Ian’s parents are going through a bitter divorce. With his estranged mom and dad still living under the same roof, Ian experiences a chaotic home environment that includes domestic violence and inconsistent care. At school, Ian often has unexplained meltdowns and major over-reactions to simple requests by his teachers. This morning, when his first period teacher asked him to take out his math homework, he called her a “Bitch” and kicked his chair to the floor. (more…)

What’s Your Anger Expression Style? Take this Quiz to Find Out


Is your child the type to come right out and tell you when he is feeling angry? Does he stuff his anger inside? Perhaps he is most likely to express his feelings in sneaky ways. Or maybe, when he is mad, the whole world knows about it—and better step aside! Whatever your child’s anger style, chances are he has developed it over the years and modeled it after…gulp…much-loved family members.

Take this Anger Styles Quiz to learn about how anger is articulated in your family: (more…)

Bullying at Summer Camp: 5 Ways Parents Can Help Kids Cope


Marlo Thomas and Dr. Joel Haber, author of Bullyproof Your Child for Life: Protect Your Child from Teasing, Taunting and Bullying for Good, offer these 5 tips for helping young people cope with bullying during the not-always-carefree days of summer:

Seven Going on Seventeen: What Parents Can Do About Sexualized Media Messages for Girls


“In each case, girls are being presented with an extremely narrow definition of femininity – one that is largely focused on how they are seen by others.”

Check out this great article that includes helpful guidelines for parents about talking with their daughters about media messages.  I (more…)

Great Advice from Sesame Workshop About How to Handle Kids’ Questions About Scary News Stories


Sesame Street will never do you wrong. Here is a great video clip from Dr. Rosemarie Truglio, VP of Research and Education at Sesame Workshop, with wise words about the importance of parents giving kids coping skills for handling scary news and events.

Watch the full episode. See more The Parent Show.

Thanks, Sarah, for sharing!

Finding Kind: A Documentary Film about Friendship in Girl World


Some days, I troll around on Facebook browsing at the silly, fun goings-on in the lives of my friends.  Other days, I stumble upon the most interesting, powerful links.  Today was a lucky day–one that makes me ask: with all of my work around girl bullying, how did I not know about this group??  Please check out the Kind Campaign and their incredible documentary film, Finding Kind:


3 Ideas for Teaching Empathy to Kids


Check out this post from Mom It Forward for strategies for enhancing your child’s emotional intelligence:


>Parents, Don’t Dress Your Girls Like Tramps by LZ Granderson


>”Friends bow to peer pressure. Parents say, ‘No, and that’s the end of it.'”

Just came across this article on by LZ Granderson.  It is so brilliantly written and so completely true regarding the clothing options available for young girls…and a parent’s role in making decisions for their kids–cool points notwithstanding!

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>I’m Gonna Teach Her How to Flick ‘Em!


>You just never know who you’ll meet in line at Panera Bread.

So yesterday, I’m standing in line, hoping that my wiggly 5-year old daughter doesn’t knock down the cookie display, when her booty-shaking antics attract the amused attention of the man behind us.  He explains that he has raised 3 daughters himself and that my little mover reminds him of his eldest. 

This trip down memory lane brings him to share with me several anecdotes (it was a long lunch-rush line!) about the trouble that his first-born created over the years.  From demanding money (no $1’s, Daddy!) to sneaking around with boyfriends, he laughingly recalled the struggles he went through with his lawyer-to-be eldest daughter.

Just when it was my turn to order, he shared with me the line that this Blog was waiting for:

She has a daughter of her own now,”  he smiled.  “So guess who taught their grandchild how to pick her nose in public?”

He laughed with a self-satisfied grin and a classic angry smile.

As I smiled, waved and turned my back to place my order at the counter, he guffawed, “Next, I’m gonna teach her how to flick ’em!”

Sometimes, passive aggressive revenge is years in the making, but look out, girls…dad is plotting!

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