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What Parents Need to Know to Protect Kids From Bullying


According to the American Justice Department, one out of every four children is bullied. Studies show that those statistics leap for homosexual youth, who are bullied at an alarming four times the rate of heterosexual youth. What’s more, 85% of children with disabilities are regular victims of social exclusion and verbal and physical abuse by their peers. It doesn’t take a statistician or a news reporter to make clear that bullying is an epidemic among today’s children and youth.

What is it that affords resilience to some young people while others are driven to self-destruction? It is an important question for parents to ask, since understanding the answer provides clues on how to protect their own children from the life-threatening impact of bullying. (more…)

Bullying at Summer Camp: 5 Ways Parents Can Help Kids Cope


Marlo Thomas and Dr. Joel Haber, author of Bullyproof Your Child for Life: Protect Your Child from Teasing, Taunting and Bullying for Good, offer these 5 tips for helping young people cope with bullying during the not-always-carefree days of summer:

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