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Happy Day of the Girl


Today is International Day of the Girl!  To celebrate the occasion, New Moon Girls is officially kicking off their Girl Caught Campaign to help raise awareness–and build resilience–in girls about the impact of media messaging.  Check out their site, download your own set of Girl-Caught stickers, and help change the world, one girl at a time:


Girl-Caught is a Great Activity to Build Awareness in Your Daughter


In honor of September 22’s Day of the Girl, New Moon Girls is launching its Girl-Caught campaign, designed to give each of us an empowering way to comment on media messages about girls and women.

You’ve heard about baby beauty pageants, lingerie marketed to pre-schoolers, and JC Penney’s, “I”m too pretty to do my homework” T-shirt.  The Girl-Caught campaign aims to raise awareness about these ubiquitous and degrading media messages because, as I write in Friendship & Other Weapons, “When girls are aware of how entertainment and advertising images are altered, they are better able to resist the pressures of “measuring up” to the images.”

Get involved in Girl-Caught with your own daughter.  Log in to the New Moon Girls site to download or print out your own Girl-Caught stickers.  Paste them to the negative or positive Girl-Catches you find, then upload them to Girl-Caught!  This is a great, interactive campaign that parents and kids can enjoy–and learn through–together. 

Most of all, Girl-Caught “encourages girls to think critically about media images and to become informed consumers rather
than passive recipients of the media.” (Whitson, 2011).


3 Ways to Help Your Daughter Understand & Withstand Media Influences


Messages embedded in song lyrics, video imagery, and advertising influence the ways girls think about themselves and their relationships with others. You can help your daughters–and other young girls–become aware of media messages that violate values and degrade girls, using these engaging conversations and activities: (more…)

New Moon Girls: When Your Parents Won’t Let You Do Things


I must admit, I am a big fan of the well-constructed argument from an articulate kid.  And this is a great one.  I love this teen’s assertive and respectful version of the “you catch more flies with honey…” approach to getting what you want from parents:

5 Practical Strategies for Encouraging Your Daughter to Enjoy Being a Kid–and Not Rush Growing Up


Love this site.  Adore this article.  Great, practical strategies for parents grappling with the question of “what is age-appropriate for my daughter?”

I especially love the idea of letting our daughters know that it’s okay to enjoy getting to be young–that growing up quickly doesn’t (more…)

Turn Beauty Inside Out Day


Today is Turn Beauty Inside Out Day.  Check out these Inner Beauty Mirror Uncontest Winners from New Moon Girls:

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