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Seven Going on Seventeen: What Parents Can Do About Sexualized Media Messages for Girls


“In each case, girls are being presented with an extremely narrow definition of femininity – one that is largely focused on how they are seen by others.”

Check out this great article that includes helpful guidelines for parents about talking with their daughters about media messages.  I (more…)

Real Girls vs. Media Girls


Check out this GREAT video clip from New Moon Girls, showing Real Girls Molly, Brooke & Alex talking about their actual lives vs. the way girls are portrayed in the media.

In my upcoming book, Friendship & Other Weapons: Group Activities to Help Young Girls Cope with Bullying, I have a section dedicated to helping girls become critical thinkers when it comes to the media’s influences; I love the fact that these three awesome girls are already carefully evaluating–rather than eagerly absorbing–media content.


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