Dear Colleagues,

It goes without saying that all of our hearts are heavy after the devastating school shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in December.  As helpers, many of us thought right away about what we could do to make a difference for young people—whether in Newtown or in our own communities, organizations, and schools. 

There are no easy answers to problems as big as the ones made horrifically clear at Sandy Hook Elementary but the nation is in agreement on the importance of effective mental health treatment and crisis intervention for young people.  Life Space Crisis Intervention has something of real value to add to this national conversation. 

To that end, we have created this brief video to let you know more about what we do and how LSCI training for educators and mental health professionals can contribute to the national effort to find positive solutions for kids.  I am writing to invite you view the video and also to share it with your colleagues in the fields of Education, Mental Health, and Juvenile Justice so that we can all work together on behalf of young people.   The direct link for you to share is:

Our goal is to find ways to be part of the discussion and solution when it comes to mental health and crisis intervention. Wherever primary prevention and early intervention programs are on the table, LSCI has a lot to add to the conversation and we hope we can be a constructive part of a nationwide voice.  Thank you for sharing your time and efforts.   

All the best—