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Mistake Cake


One of the best things about Facebook is the opportunity to become better acquainted with people you only knew from a distance. This weekend, thanks to a burst of high school reunion photos, I had the chance to connect with a woman who, I am learning, is extraordinary! I wish I had known her better way back when, but here’s a slice of how she looks at life and lifts up those around her. I think I want to be her when I grow up!

Mistake Cake (by Jennie Osborne Burke)

Someone around here made a mistake.

I think it’s important to talk about mistakes. I like for the whole gang to know about it. We talk about what happened, and how we can help the person that made the mistake.

The person that made the mistake does not feel shame, or a reason to hide. Instead, they receive compassion. They know that they aren’t the first (or last) person in the family to make a mistake. They can articulate why the mistake happened, and how to prevent it from happening again. The siblings pitch in to help their loved one doesn’t make the same mistake twice.

Instead of shame or aggression, there is responsibility, ownership and a plan.

And we get to eat cake.

mistake cake

Looking Beyond Behavior to Get to Know a Child’s Real Needs


One of the greatest strengths of LSCI training is how it teaches adults to get to know “the inside kid.”  To look beyond behavior, to take time to make a child feel heard and understood, and to ask about the thoughts and feelings.  This intervention reminds me of something an LSCI-certified professional would do!


I wish my teacher knew

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