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How to Deal with Mean Kids on the Playground


Every parent I know has experienced the anguish of seeing their child on the receiving end of hurtful comments or social rejection. This post by writer Ilana Donna Aranzie captures this universal parenting dilemma of what to do (read: should I do anything?) and how to best support their child.


Aranzie also links to one of my posts from Psychology Today about how parents can build competence in their kids and disempower young people who bully, which was a super nice thing for her to do 🙂


Aranzie’s post:

End of the School Year Regulation Strategies

Hi everyone,
Here’s a great post by one of my favorite writer/educators with lots of easy, quick, EFFECTIVE, fun ways to help kids stay regulated and focused as we head into the final stretch of the year:


Click here:

Survival Kit for the Last Few Weeks of School

Or, cut and paste this link:




Practical Strategies to Keep Kids Safer Online



If you’ll be at the American School Counselor Association (ASCA) Conference in Boston this summer, I’ll be presenting on Practical Strategies to Keep Kids Safer Online. I hope you’ll join me–Monday, July 1!



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