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50 Ways to Encourage a Child



Are Your Kids Ready to Go Back to School? An Insider’s Look at What Teachers Really Want


Stores are buzzing this time of year with back-to-school shoppers and nervous anticipation of the school year that is about to begin. Kids are wondering if their BFF will be in their class and agonizing over important shopping decisions: backpack or messenger bag? Parents are guiltily calculating how many days until the kids go back to school and trying to remember if they ever supervised any summer reading or algebra review.

When it comes to what classroom teachers really want in terms of preparing students for a successful year, however, stylish school bags and math memorization don’t even make the top ten list. In my post below, featured in the Huffington Post’s Parents pages, I share Teachers’ Top 3 Wish List items–specific skills and teachable traits that make for a peaceful classroom and productive learning environment.  Please read and share with parents and caregivers you know:


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The Angry Smile at CPI’s Trainer Conference in New Orleans


This week, I had the honor and pleasure of traveling to one of my favorite cities–New Orleans, LA– to present at the CPI Conference on The Angry Smile and strategies for understanding and changing passive aggressive behavior. This article summarizes some of what I shared with this great group of professionals.

Also, check out the LSCI Institute’s online training based on The Angry Smile, which we proudly partner with CPI to present to professionals and parents everywhere.


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