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What Can One Person Do to End Bullying?


“One word, one phrase, one compliment, one ‘Hey, how’s it going?’ can make all the difference” in the life of a young person who is experiencing bullying. This is a great video–chock full of Hollywood stars and pithy insights–to share with kids who want to learn how to stop bullying in their schools and communities.



Publisher’s Weekly Review of 8 Keys to End Bullying


Interested in learning more about my latest book, 8 Keys to End Bullying: Strategies for Parents & Schools?  Check out what the reviewers at Publisher’s Weekly are saying:



Nothing You Do for Children is Ever Wasted



A True Story of Relational Bullying Among Girls


1459266_692871004071052_1969711432_nI first wrote this article in 2012, but continue to share this story in many of my workshops as a real-life example of how friendship can be used as a weapon and what adults need to know to help kids maintain their voices and effectively navigate the waters of peer conflict in schools:

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