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Anti-Bullying & School Safety Conference Resources


Thanks so much to all who attended my Practical School-Based Strategies for Bringing an End to Bullying workshop at the NJ Anti-Bullying & School Safety Conference on 5/26/21.  I hope you learned a lot and are able to apply specific ideas with your students.


Here is the Zoom recording of the event:

Passcode: 23Pvj!q4


Rather than post the PPT for general audiences, please email me directly ( if you would like to receive a PDF version.

Here is the direct link to the screening tool for discerning rude, mean & bullying behaviors.

Please check out my 8 Keys to End Bullying book and Activity Book for additional ideas, strategies, games, discussion ideas and activities for students.

Have a great summer!


Bullying Prevention Tips from the Resilient Purpose Podcast


Last week, I had the chance to join my friend and former LSCI Trainer extraordinaire, Doug Pfeifer for a conversation about Bullying Prevention on his podcast, The Resilient Purpose.  Please check it out here or on YouTube at


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