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What Parents Can Do to Manage Coronavirus Fears in Kids


We’ve all been captivated and caught up in the coverage of the coronavirus as it spreads around the world and into our communities.  Here is a post I wrote for Psychology Today, offering practical suggestions for what parents & caregivers can do to help kids cope with COVID-19, school closings, event cancellations, and the climate of fear.  Please share with anyone you think could benefit.

Happy Campers: Summer Camp Secrets for Raising Happy Kids


Although I just got my copy of Happy Campers, by Audrey Monke, you would think I had owned it for years already given the multitude of dog-eared pages, the massive amount of notes in the margins, and the number of parents I’ve already lent the book to, urging them to read specific sections.  Happy Campers is the brand-new, but already well-worn book I wish I had had twenty years ago when I first started my career working with children and families.  It is full of practical, realistic, easy-to-implement, no-cost, research-based, transformational strategies that will help parents and caregivers bring the magic of summer camp into daily home interactions.

Happy Campers shines a light on nine overall positive practices used in quality summer camps and offers readers dozens (and dozens!) of ways to use these strategies to help kids and families thrive year-round.  Starting with ideas for building nurturing connections between family members and then exploring critical topics such as the importance of optimism in interactions, how to nurture grit and determination, helping kids experience independence and grow their individual identities, making kindness cool, building healthy friendship skills, and cultivating the kind of self-confidence that makes kids unstoppable, Monke’s book is as realistic and readable as it is invaluable.

As a School Counselor, therapist, and parent, Happy Campers is everything I could hope for in a book and more!  I highly recommend it for anyone living or working with young people!”

March Coffee with the Counselor


This school year, I’m offering monthly Coffee with the Counselor events at my school on the first Friday of each month. Coffee with the Counselor mornings will provide an informal opportunity for parents & caregivers to discuss issues related to child and adolescent development, mental health, social & emotional development, and general well-being. I’ll share interesting resources and recommend readings on selected topics, to inspire discussion within the group.

On March 6th, we will be talking about screentime & social media with a focus on popular apps that parents need to know about (read: let’s be sure we talk about TikTok!)  I’ll also offer some suggested do’s & don’ts for helping our kids consume technology in safe ways.  I hope you will join me!
On the topic of Screentime & Social Media, here are some suggested resources:


Screenwise: Helping Kids Survive & Thrive in Their Digital World

The Art of Screentime: How Your Family Can Balance Digital Media & Real Life

Disconnected: How to Reconnect our Digitally Distracted Kids

Tune in to the Parenting the Challenging Child Podcast


Interested in learning more about how to understand and manage your child’s moods, outbursts, misperceptions, social skill problems, anxiety, friendship problems, lack of empathy, and more?

Tune in to this podcast from Sunshine Parenting where host Audrey Monke and I talk about my newest book, Parenting The Challenging Child: The Four-Step Way To Turn Problem Situations Into Learning Opportunities, based on my work with the Life Space Crisis Intervention Institute.

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