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Parenting the Challenging Child


Here’s what one reader just said about my newest book, Parenting the Challenging Child:

Amazon Customer·October 5, 2019

5.0 out of 5 stars

Changed our Family Dynamics!

As an school administrator and mother of four I often have more patience for other children than my own. In my home I am typically quick to respond with decisions and punishment. This book has me parenting differently and, as a result, has brought peace and a lot more hugs and snuggles to our household. It’s a quick read and can be applied immediately. I often find myself referring back to the SOS Intervention and and repeating “nothing comes from nothing” to make me focus on using the conflict cycle to determine the real source of stress. It has been so helpful to me, we are now considering holding a parent workshop and getting this tool for parents. Thank you!

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October Coffee with the Counselor Resource List


This school year, I’m offering monthly Coffee with the Counselor events at my school on the first Friday of each month. Coffee with the Counselor mornings will provide an informal opportunity for parents & caregivers to discuss issues related to child and adolescent development, mental health, social & emotional development, and general well-being. I’ll share interesting resources and recommend readings on selected topics, to inspire discussion within the group.

On October 4th, we’ll be talking about The Gift of Failure and how parents can cultivate the skills kids need to tolerate frustration, persist through uncomfortable emotional states, and pick themselves up whenever they fall…or fail.
In November, we’ll be taking a look at Executive Functioning skills in kids–what they are, what role they play at school and home, and how we can help build “thinking brain” skills in kids who may lag behind in some areas.  We’ll talk age-appropriate chores as well as supports that help kids thrive.
Planning Isn’t My Priority (and other Children’s books by Julia Cook)
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