I now hate to admit it, but whenever my daughters and I approached the Monster High Dolls display at our local Target, I intentionally called their attention to something else in the aisle, trying to distract them from the dolls.  My rationale: upon quick glance, I assumed they were the next generation of Bratz dolls, the hypersexualized barbie-esque doll that I promised never to buy.

Imagine my surprise when I came upon this article which corrected my off-the-mark assumption.  According to Mattel rep,  Lori Patel, “The Monster High brand uses the monster metaphor to show girls that it is ok to be different and that our unique differences should be celebrated.””

What’s more, the brand has partnered with the Kind Campaign because their shared messages of kindness the importance of embracing our own and each other’s imperfections.


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