As a follow up to a Coffee with the Counselor event at Swain this week, here are several links that parents and caregivers may find helpful as they are learning about and helping their kids navigate top apps, social media sites, age-inappropriate content and video games:


The Truth About Research on Screentime

Heavy Screentime Rewires Young Brains for Better and Worse

Electronic Screen Syndrome: An Unrecognized Disorder

17 Apps & Websites Kids are Heading to After Facebook

15 Dangerous Apps Every Parent Should Know About

The 12 Apps that Every Parent of a Teen Should Know About

6 Teen “Hookup” Apps Parents Should Know About

Fortnite Game Review from Common Sense Media

What Parents Need to Know About Fortnite

What is the Momo Challenge?

Talking to Your 8-12 Year Old About Pornography

Why Banning Social Media is Not the Best Answer for Kids


Information on Workshops for Students: