FREE Parenting Webinar, March 27th


Topic: Parenting the Challenging Child

Description: Please join us for this very informative 30-minute webinar with LSCI Institute’s Chief Operating Officer, Signe Whitson. Some of the topics covered will be:

• Cultivating a positive relationship with your child
• Understanding the brain during stress and conflict
• The dynamics of parent-child conflict (The LSCI Conflict Cycle™)Time

Mar 27, 2019 7:00 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Reserve your spot for this fee event: https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_kI7LNlp0TDWd8UykjzfgIw

Earn LSCI Certification this Summer!


LSCI Certification Training Event: Aug 5-8, 2019

It may be just barely Spring, but I am looking ahead to summer and happy to announce an LSCI training opportunity in August in eastern Pennsylvania:

LSCI Certification Training

DATES: August 5-8, 2019

LOCATION: The Swain School, 1100 S. 24th St., Allentown, PA 18103

COSTS: $495/pp before July 15, 2019; $525/pp between July 16-31, 2019



Life Space Crisis Intervention is an international training and certification program offering professionals advanced skills for turning problem situations into learning opportunities for young people with self-defeating patterns of behavior.  For full course information, please visit www.lsci.org
Participants will experience:
— Instructor-led teaching and modeling of intervention skills
— Real-life video sequences
— Structured and small group activities
— Realistic role-play activities
— Demonstration of skills requirement in order to earn certification
Learn what to do with young people who:
* Act out in stress, sparking explosive and endless power struggles
* Make poor decisions based on distorted perceptions & thoughts
* Have the right intentions but lack the social skills to be successful
* Are purposefully aggressive with little conscience
* Act in impulsive ways due to feelings of shame and inadequacy
* Become entangled in destructive peer relationships
Certification in the skills of LSCI does not expire. 
Text:  Long, N., Fecser, F. and Wood, M. (1991).  Life Space Crisis Intervention: Talking with Students in Conflict.  Austin, TX: ProED, Inc.
If you have any questions prior to registration, please email signewhitson@lsci.org

To register, click here or cut and paste the link below:

ONLINE REGISTRATION FORM: https://goo.gl/forms/AUkyJdUTJqG2pFrm2

Stopping Passive Aggressive Behavior Online


Taking public jabs at others while avoiding personal confrontation is a hallmark of passive aggressive behavior. For many, it is also becoming a new social norm as more and more of our interpersonal communication takes place online instead of face to face.  Passive aggression is a deliberate but masked way of expressing feelings of anger (Long & Whitson, 2016).  Through such actions as posting embarrassing photos on social media and purposeful inactions such as failing to stop the spread of online gossip, digital communication has become the perfect medium for sugarcoated hostility.

Please click here to read my full post on Psychology Today about a real-life incident of unchecked, online passive aggressive behavior that humiliated a student in a suburban middle school…and how one astute teacher effectively managed the situation.

The Dynamics of Parent-Child Conflict


On April 15th, my newest book, Parenting the Challenging Child (available for pre-order now at a reduced price!) will hit stores and hopefully provide parents and caregivers with invaluable skills for de-escalating conflict and resolving typical problem situations in ways that build the parent-child relationship and bring about lasting change in destructive behavior patterns. Here’s some background information on the book for you:

Since 1991, Life Space Crisis Intervention (LSCI) has been offered as a professional training program for educators, counselors, psychologists, social workers, youth workers, and other professionals working with challenging children & adolescents.  In recent years, the LSCI Institute has worked to translate its trauma-informed, brain-based, relationship-building concepts to the need of parents and caregivers.  In an excerpt from the LSCI Institute’s new book, Parenting the Challenging Child: The 4-Step Way to Turn Problem Situations Into Learning Opportunities,  the LSCI Conflict Cycle™ is introduced, explaining the circular and escalating dynamics of conflict between parents and children and offering important insights about the parent’s role in either fueling problem situations or halting them before they spiral out of control. 

Click here to read an excerpt from Chapter 1, published in Psychology Today online.

Is Google Docs the Newest “Work Around” for Online Bullying?


In 8 Keys to End Bullying, I write about the importance of professionals and parents “keeping up” with what young people are doing online. While those of us *over a certain age* may always be digital immigrants in our kids’ native cyberlands, their safety depends on our commitment to stay as up-to-date-as-possible with the apps, sites, games, and lingo that kids are using.

One of the newest trends for adults to be aware of (read: talk to their kids about in loving, wisdom-imparting ways) is kids’ use of Google Docs–an app most adults wouldn’t think twice about their kids using for schoolwork–to engage in group chats and online bullying. Check it out here:

How Kids are Using Google Docs to Bully Each Other

Bullying Prevention Training in Mineral County, WV


I’m in Mineral County, West Virginia for the next few days, speaking to faculty, staff and parents about practical ways to bring an end to bullying in schools. Really enjoying my trip here, talking with caring, intelligent, insightful adults who care deeply about kids and are committed to creating positive change.

Bullying Prevention & Digital Citizenship Trainings


Therapy Dogs at Swain: Comfort & Joy


This year, I connected with a local volunteer organization that arranges to send certified therapy dogs (and their owners) to local schools, treatment centers, airports, hospitals–and almost anywhere else you can imagine.  At Swain, the “Happiness Dogs” bring comfort and joy.  They are the perfect way to brighten up a student’s day, calm down feelings of stress, increase empathy, and decrease feelings of loneliness.  The smiles on these kids’ faces tell it all.

“That” Kid Who Needs Our Support the Most


This is one of my all-time favorites and worth a re-post every six months or so. Truth be told, “that” kid belongs to all of us as a community because we all do better when we all do better!




Here’s the very best part and details the Counselor I always try to be:


If ever, at any point, YOUR child, or any of your children, becomes THAT child…

I will not share your personal family business with other parents in the classroom.

I will communicate with you frequently, clearly, and kindly.

I will make sure there are tissues nearby at all our meetings, and if you let me, I will hold your hand when you cry.

I will advocate for your child and family to receive the highest quality of specialist services, and I will cooperate with those professionals to the fullest possible extent.

I will make sure your child gets extra love and affection when she needs it most.

I will be a voice for your child in our school community.

I will, no matter what happens, continue to look for, and to find, the good, amazing, special, and wonderful things about your child.

I will remind him and YOU of those good, amazing, special, wonderful things, over and over again.

And when another parent comes to me, with concerns about YOUR child…

I will tell them all of this, all over again.

MARCH 27th, FREE Webinar: Parenting the Challenging Child


March 27 @ 7:00 pm7:30 pm

Learn all about Signe’s newest book, Parenting the Challenging Child: The 4-Step Way to Turn Problem Situations Into Learning Opportunities, written to bring the LSCI Institute’s brain-based, trauma-informed, relationship-building skills to parents and caregivers.

Signe will share information about:

• How to cultivate a positive relationship with your child
• Understanding how your child’s brain works during stress and conflict
• The dynamics of parent-child conflict (The LSCI Conflict Cycle™)



Register today:https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_kI7LNlp0TDWd8UykjzfgIw

FAQ’s About Anxiety in Children & Adolescents


As a School Counselor, one of the most common topics I am consulted on by teachers, administrators, and parents is anxiety.  Anxiety disorders are the most common and pervasive mental disorder affecting children and adults in the United States.  According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, anxiety impacts 1 in every 8 children.  With rates this high, it’s important for any adult living or working with young people to have a basic understanding of this health issue.

Please check out this post from Psychology Today, where I respond to eight of the questions I am most frequently asked about anxiety in young people:



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