One of the “silver linings” of a world impacted by COVID is the tremendous collaboration and pooling of resources that has happened among School Counselors.  Several weeks ago, a version of this collection of ideas (see below) to use with students in a virtual learning environment was shared in a Facebook group.  I adapted it for my needs and have been using it successfully with my Middle School students.  It provides 25+ fun ways to cultivate connections between those learning through in-person and virtual settings.


I would like nothing more than to share the credit–although I can’t locate the original post or author(s).  I hope my good fortune in receiving several of these ideas becomes your good fortune in using them with students–and perhaps passing it on to some of your colleagues as well, as we try to build connections and enrich SEL in this unique time in history.


Here’s a link so that you can copy and customize a version for yourself.