>My husband and kids have been telling me about the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books and movie for months now, but it took a suggestion from an LSCI co-worker to get me to rent the just-released DVD.  The film was a huge hit with my 7-year old, not to mention chock-full of examples of passive aggressive behavior.

The scenes between older brother, Roderick, and the main character, Greg are prime examples of passive aggression between siblings.  From the opening scene, where Roderick sets Greg up to awaken at 4am for the first day of school (an entire week before school starts!) to Greg getting his own passive aggressive revenge by putting Roderick’s forbidden “girly” magazine into the hands of their baby brother (for which Roderick is grounded for 4 weeks and loses driving privileges), both brothers have the angriest of smiles and the most hilariously hostile sibling relationship.

Have you seen the film or read the books yet?  Does your relationship with your own sibling resemble the passive aggression between Roderick and Greg?

Thanks, Suzanne, for the movie recommendation!