>Jenny McCarthy Proves the Bullies Wrong – The Ellen DeGeneres Show#comments#comments#comments

Here is another timely clip on the subject of why kids feel like they can’t talk about bullying. Watch Ellen’s interview on 10/5/10 with Jenny McCarthy, as Jenny talks about why she never told her mom about the bullying she endured for years.

This is a great clip to share with kids, not only to teach them about the importance of talking to a trustworthy adult about bullying (see blog post below for specific steps on how to do so) but also teaching kids to take a “long view,” when it comes to bullying.

It is important for kids to know that although the bullying that occurs in the moment is intense and overwhelming, it is also temporary and fleeting. Both McCarthy and Ellen’s next guest, The Social Network actor Armie Hammer, explain why living for the future, instead of “in the moment” is one of the best ways to endure and overcome the painful impact of bullying.  See Armie’s clip here: