I am down and out with a stomach flu today–graciously shared with me by my daughter who had it two days ago.


Though I am feeling awful, I can’t help but be grateful for two little girls who are doing their best to care for me (even making me a bowl of cereal when eating was the LAST thing I wanted to consider…it’s the thought that counts!)  and better yet, to take care of their own needs today.  I was thinking that even a year ago when I had a similar stomach bug, I had to muddle through despite the sickness, since my two little ones needed me for so many things.


Now, despite my older daughter resisting every step toward learning to do things for herself (i.e. brushing her own hair, making her own breakfast, hanging up her own used towels,), it sure feels great today to her and to me that she has taken on these milestones of self-care–not matter how grudgingly she entered into them.  Today, she is proud of herself for all that she can do on her own (my goal exactly!) and I am grateful that I pressed the issue–especially on a feel-awful-day like today.