This November 18th, the New Hampshire Center for Effective Behavioral Interventions and Supports (NH CEBIS) will host a one-day training on The Angry Smile (see Workshops & Speaking Page for full details).

Do you live or work with someone who:

  • Denies or represses feelings of anger
  •  Withdraws and sulks
  • Sends hidden, coded and confusing messages when frustrated
  • Procrastinates or carries out tasks inefficiently
  • Is quietly manipulative and controlling
  • Makes endless promises to change
  • Creates a feeling in others of being on an emotional roller coater

This workshop takes an in-depth look at the roots of passive aggression, exploring the behavior at five distinct and increasingly pathological levels. The course features the Passive Aggressive Conflict Cycle as well as eight specific skills that professionals can use to respond effectively to the troubling behavior.  Participants will also learn the six-step process of Benign Confrontation, effective at helping change passive aggressive behavior in the long term.

For additional information on this workshop, please contact: Julie Prescott at or 603-206-6826

To register online, please visit:  Go to right column under Quick Links, and register for training.