Last week, this post on Conversing About Kindness with Kids caught my eye…and I vowed that February 1st would be the start date for my family to do as the author suggests and “think of one thing we can do each day to be kind to someone else.”  

Two years ago, my Chinese New Year-inspired proclamation that 2010 would be “The Year of Kindness” in our family rather than the Year of the Tiger, garnered groans and well-deserved accusations of cheesiness.  Ahh well…my kids are two years older now…and 730 days more accustomed to me talking about the importance of kindness.  I may well get groans again tomorrow…but no matter…I know that my kids are internalizing an important message.


In Friendship & Other Weapons, kids are engaged in fun activities around building values of kindness, empathy, compassion, and cooperation as a way of changing the culture of bullying in schools and helping kids cope effectively with relational aggression.


Check it out: