>As a Trainer for the Life Space Crisis Intervention Institute for the past decade, I have had many wonderful opportunities to teach (and learn from!) parents and professionals who live and work with troubled and troubling children.  One of the first orders of business during any LSCI training course is to talk about the importance of adults being able to move beyond rote consequences and rigid stances in order to respond to a child’s individual needs.  We teach that considering the story behind surface behaviors is essential for successful relationship-building and crisis management. 

This video tells the story in a nutshell:

Have you ever felt like the captain in your work or home interactions with children? 

I know I have!  The ability to train and blog about effective practices with young people does not always surmount human nature’s drive to “be right” or a parent’s expectation to “be obeyed.”  Nonetheless, I remind myself that there are few better gifts I can give my kids than to make them feel heard and understood and to consider the feedback they are providing through their actions.

Do your kids ever pose as lighthouses?

When they are tired, hungry, overwhelmed, or just plain (gasp!) right about something, kids can dig in their heels and become immovable.  The ability to maintain flexibility with kids–both those we parent and those we may work with–sends the all-important message that they are unique individuals with important needs that deserve recognition and consideration.  In the case of being up against a lighthouse-like child, the willingness to change course every now and then prevents the lasting damage of a painful collision.

This clip can also be found at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=brNX4xqlXJE

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