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Pretty’s Got Nothing To Do With It


You may have heard the furor over JC Penny’s recent back-to-school T-Shirt for girls that read, “I’m Too Pretty to do My Homework, So My Brother Has to do it for Me.”

Check out Pigtail Pals’ response, via their newest T-shirt design for little girls:

Letting Little Girls be Little Girls


Pigtail Pals founder Melissa Wardy is featured here on her local news station talking about the importance of making sure that little girls have products and apparel on the market that allow them to be little girls:

Friendship & Other Weapons cover


Friendship & Other Weapons cover


How to Help Kids Handle Big Feelings


This is a great post from Kidlutions: Solutions for Kids.  It talks about how easy it is to say the wrong thing, even when you have the right intentions…but also how simple it can be to validate a child’s big feelings and teach him or her how to cope with them.


Personally, as a mom of a girl whose intense temperament makes her a force to be reckoned with–in both good and challenging ways–I can”t wait to read the follow up Part 2!

Waking Up Full of Awesome: Pigtail Pals


This is one of the best, most girl power-ful posts I have ever read.  Love it, love the organization!

Please check them out:

One Teacher’s Milestone Moment in the Classroom


Usually, when I’m at the pool with my kids, my attention is focused on watching dives, adjusting goggles, and re-applying sunscreen. Last week, however, I had the great pleasure of talking to a teacher while we watched my 5-year old perform a series of Lemon Drops and Cannonballs into the water.

The conversation started because my little pool jumper is a total extrovert and has never met anyone who wasn’t a friend. She introduced herself to the adults around her, including to the teacher with whom I then began a conversation. In the course of talking about the joys of working with young kids, the veteran teacher shared with me many of the challenges she has faced over the years. One story, in particular, reminded me of the truism we always teach in Life Space Crisis Intervention training:

“The problems kids cause are not the causes of their problems.”

The story went something like this: (more…)

LSCI LOGO hi res


Friendship & Other Weapons cover


Friendship & Other Weapons cover

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