During April, I put my elementary school-aged students on a SECRET AGENT MISSION: to show random acts of kindness to a designated classmate, without revealing their identity.  The rules were simple:

  • No buying gifts
  • No having a parent bake cookies
  • This mission is all about simple acts of consideration that come from the heart. 
  • The secret agents get to reveal their identity at the end of the month.

My purpose is to show the kids how small, everyday acts can make a big difference in our school.

The good news, now that it’s reveal time: they really get it!!  Here are just a few of the terrific things they have done:

“I made a picture for her.”
“I asked if she needed help carrying her stuff to the bus.”
“I told him he did a good job in Music.”
“I held the door for the Kindergarteners”
“I complimented her dress.”
“I asked him to play when he was all alone at recess.”
“I shared my snack when she forgot hers.”

It’s unanimous: these simple things have made the kids feel “great!”  So much goodness around here.

No act of kindness is ever wasted.

secret mission