Hello readers,

Here’s the Sunday Strategy for the week; all around, it’s one of my favorites because it hits at the heart of some of the most important things that I believe, namely:

1.  It’s the little things we do with kids on a regular basis that make the most difference.  Policies, procedures, and plans (behavioral, lesson, etc) are great…but the little things make the biggest impact.

2.  Along those lines, interventions don’t have to be time-consuming!  This strategy calls for just a total of 20 minutes of your time over a 2-week period…but it can be transformational.  Compare this cumulative 20 minutes with the amount of time you would otherwise spend re-directing, filling out Behavior Forms, calling parents, consulting with other teachers, and banging your head against the wall!

3. Positive relationships are everything.

Have a great week, all!