Give me a gymnasium full of 1000 students or an auditorium packed with professionals and parents and I am calm, cool, and collected.  After all, I love talking about how to help kids who bully and/or are bullied. But tell me you are going to point a camera at me and broadcast a conversation live on social media and TV and I am terrified, terrified and terrified!

Despite the massive case of nerves, I managed to gather myself for this live interview last week on New York City’s WPIX 11.  The producers originally contacted me to comment on this video (WPIX 11 Rude, Mean or Bullying Interview) and whether or not the situation described by the two young boys was best characterized as an incident of meanness or bullying.  They also asked me to comment a bit on strategies that bullied kids can use to effectively manage unwanted aggression.

From there, our conversation took some turns into bullying behavior in adulthood and how to best respond to cruelty inn the workplace.  I hope you find some of what we talked about useful!


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Posted by PIX 11 on Wednesday, October 3, 2018