I want my students to know that even when we are apart due to COVID-19, we are still learning and growing together.  To that end, every Tuesday I send them a short video about tenacity, along with a story or example of tenacious behavior in action.

Last week, I challenged my students to set a goal for themselves–to set out to achieve something that couldn’t be completed in a single day but rather would take days, weeks, or even months to complete.  The idea is for kiddos to gain first hand experience at persisting through challenges, overcoming obstacles, motivating themselves over time, and eventually seeing how their TENACITY can pay off.

I’ve heard some great examples from kids, including plans to plant and tend to a summer garden, plans to learn how to do a cartwheel, and plans to learn how to play the ukulele.  I also receives photos of these two outstanding examples of projects that require tenacity:  clearing out a giant wood pile and assembling a 500 piece puzzle.


Way to go, kiddos!!  I am proud of the goals you have set and I hope you are proud of your efforts!!