Early Press Review:

Michael McKnight – 4 Directions Seminars

 In her revised edition of How to Be AngryStrategies to Help Kids Express Anger Constructively, Signe has taken her original excellent work to an entire new level. This book integrates the current knowledge of how our brain grows and develops into this critically important topic. She has organized 20 sessions that educators, mental health workers or anyone working with children can use with children they support. It is a complete ready to use program that will help you teach children about this critical human emotion and allow them to recognize it and use anger constructively. Anger is an emotion that our children as well as the adults who serve them, can learn to feel and express in appropriate ways. This is an exceptional resource!!

  • Complete, ready-to-use program including 20 lessons
  • The book is accompanied by downloadable additional resources demonstrating the activities and offering adaptations for parents.
  • Suitable for use with children and teenagers aged 5 – 18
  • Next up: the accompanying video series, How to Be Assertive to accompany the book.  Coming soon!!