Miss Representation: How Girls are Influenced by the Media


Wow. Some things you know intuitively, but you don’t take the time to consider how astounding they are until someone puts all of the pieces together like this filmmaker did.¬†¬† In Friendship & Other Weapons, parents and professionals have three chapters devoted to helping kids examine media influences and pressures, knowing that awareness can build resistance.

Please check out this amazing short film–with your daughter!

>MTV’s The Real World New Orleans


>Have you been following the back and forth acts of passive aggressive revenge between Preston and Ryan on this season of MTV’s The Real World?  The two roommates have nothing but hate for each other and have been engaged in hidden, back & forth rounds of detroying property (Preston’s cut-up beanie), stealing (Preston’s debit card), utter grossness (Ryan wiping Preston’s cigarettes on his ass) and upping the ante (Preston pissing on Ryan’s toothbrush and swirling it in the toilet). 

Despite the major wrongs on both sides, Ryan decided he was the innocent victim when he phoned the New Orleans police (who I’m pretty sure have bigger crimes to solve!) and reported the toothbrush incidents.

With MTV, it’s difficult to clip episodes, so I have to ask you to fast forward to the 90 sec scene btween 38:30 and 40:00.  For a classic and insightful explanation of the reasons behind passive aggressive revenge, you can’t get better than Preston’s apology and “confessional.”  Preston talks about how gratifying passive aggressive behavior can be to the person who commits the acts of covert hostility and also recognizes his tendencies as an “ugly characteristic”

If you watch the scene that follows, you see that despite Ryan’s seemingly sincere acceptance of Preston’s apology, his own passive aggressive behavior continues, only slightly hidden beneath the scenes.  What a pair!  

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>The Real World–Washington DC: Ashley’s Angry Smile


>Check out this clip from the January 20th, Episode 4 of MTV’s The Real World–DC. Starting at around 8:44 into the episode, Ashley and Mike get into an argument that culminates, at around 9:50, into the most classic “Angry Smile” I’ve seen in quite a while.

Note the smile on Ashley’s face and the calm that comes over her when she finds Mike’s vulnerable spot and gets him to act out the anger that had been building inside of her. Immediately after, listen to her words in the MTV “confessional” revealing her true feelings, underneath her angry smile.

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