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Loving the Challenging Child


Sometimes, you read just the right article at just the right time.  Tonight was my night for that.

I adore Maggie Lamond Simone’s writing.  She seems to always take exactly what I am thinking and say it in a way that is hilarious and poignant and touching all at once.  For any Mom or Dad who loves a child whose strengths  are also exactly what makes him a challenge, please check out her post:

There Goes Mom of the Year…Again


Parenting blunders are so much more readable than parenting advice, don’tcha think?  Check out mine…

If you can relate to falling out of the running for Parent of the Year…repeatedly…please share this link with your fellow Moms-in-need-of-a-do-over.


Losing Mom of the Year…Again…


It’s great to see that my big flops as a Mom can get me published on Psychology Today and even featured in their Notable Quotes!

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