In 1998, professionals from KidsPeace National Centers founded, a unique website designed as a safe place for teens to share their personal stories and receive feedback from peers as well as professional counselors. In the last decade, this award-winning site has responded to hundreds of thousands of stories and provided timely guidance to teens via its anonymous, free platform.

In response to increasing feedback from adults who have shared their parenting challenges and struggles, the founders of TeenCentral recently created ParentCentral is designed to allow parents and caregivers the opportunity to post their child-rearing questions and concerns in a completely anonymous, safe forum. Users receive a personalized reply from a Master’s or Doctoral level counselor within 24 hours.

ParentCentral also enables moms, dads, and caregivers to interact directly with one another. Registered site users can post comments and share similar experiences after each posted story. Thread are established and become available to all who read the posts.

Current “Parent Help” topics on the site include:

• Teen Dating Violence

• Suicide Prevention

• Punishment & Consequences

• Family Meals

A comprehensive section on Helping Kids Cope with Bullying is planned. Site creators say they anticipate that all future content will be determined by the types of stories, comments, and questions that users share most often.

To take advantage of the free information and advice on, simply use the quick, free log in form, then start posting your questions and experiences right away. While you are there, be sure to also check out and share this site with your kids as a safe place they can go for professional guidance and supportive feedback from peers.


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