As a Bullying Prevention educator, I often share the mountain of evidence that cultivating kindness in schools and classrooms is one of the most effective ways to bring an end to bullying.  At my school, we are highlighting Kindness as a Value throughout the month of February and really stepping it up a notch this week as we Celebrate Kindness with a Spirit Week filled with special dress days, door decorating, and other fun activities. All week long, I’ll be posting photos and ideas of what our amazing teachers are doing to Make Kindness Cool at School.



Here’s a fun first grade project that students are focusing on throughout the month:

  • First, kids brainstormed no-cost ways to show kindness.
  • Then, they picked their top 30 ideas and turned it into a quilt-like poster.
  • Each time a student completes one of the acts of kindness, they put their initials on the square.
  • The project has generated tons of motivation, enthusiasm and excitement for showing kindness.


Today is Crazy for Kindness Day.  Check out some of our crazy socks and hairstyles!