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Free to Be…Not Anymore


For all of you children of the 1970’s like me who spent hours and hours of your childhood listening to Marlo Thomas’ Free to Be album, check out this amazing article:


“Every boy in this land grows to be his own man,
In this land, every girl grows to be her own woman.”

>Lessons from Paris Hilton


>Dear Danielle:

Thank you for always adding such great real-life, hilarious examples of passive aggressive behavior for this blog.  Your anger over being “dissed” by Jacqueline and Teresa sitting at Kim D’s table, directly in your line of sight, was intense but I appreciate the way you tried to mask it by pretending to talk on your cell phone and texting throughout the fashion show.  Classic!

It seems from the previews for next week’s episode that you may even have succeeded in getting Teresa to act out your hostilities.  I can’t wait to see what happends!

Thanks again!


>Passive Aggressive Revenge!


>I’ve been hearing and reading funny examples lately of people using passive aggressive means to get revenge at those who have slighted them, broken rules, or just plain pissed them off. Here’s one that was posted by Demetrius Jones Owens on 9/23/09:

In my house growing up text messages, emails, and instant messages were not considered means of communication that were consistent. In saying this, it is to be noted that my mother’s number one communication rule was to either have a face-to-face conversation with the person or call the person to explain what was needed.

So my cousins came to visit during the summer of 2000 and were a lot older than me so they were allowed more freedom and alone time than me since I was only 13. The rules were easy for them to follow and worked well at first with them calling every few hours when they would go out and so my mother became more easy going with them going out.

The problem came one night when they wanted to go to a club that was known to have underage drinking and a lot of fights, so my cousins decide that was where they wanted to go and devised a plan how to go. The night was going fine until my mother called them while they were in the club; obviously not to give away there location they decided to text her that they were out with friends and they would be home later and to please leave door open.

The night continued and they were still out when my mother got the bright idea to not leave the door open since they decided that they would disobey her rules, and subsequently they came home to find the door locked. They called the house phone and cell phones for about 20 minutes straight trying to get in the house but to no avail, and evenly received a text message that said “text messages are not reliable. I am sending this to you at 11pm letting you know we are going to my mothers and will be back in two days, be home by 3am if going”. They looked at their phones it was 5am.

Please leave your own stories of revenge–passive aggressive style.

>It’s Not What You Say, It’s How You Type It!


>Experts say that 7 percent of human communication comes from words, while 38 percent is from a person’s tone of the voice and a whopping 55 percent comes from his body language. I’m no math wiz, but those numbers tell me that when a passive aggressive person wants to mask his anger, sending an e-mail, text, or posting online can be the perfect way to do it! In a face-to-face or live telephone interaction, body language and tone of voice betray anger and hostility. When these interpersonal elements are absent, it is easy to mask a whole lot of hidden anger.

The Perfect Crime

  • Have you ever received an e-mail from a boss or co-worker that was completely professionally appropriate, yet simmering with hostility?
  • Has anyone ever Facebooked you with an embarrasing comment for all of your FB friends to read…couched in justifiable language (“What? It was only a joke! Don’t be so sensitive”)?
  • Did you ever send a text brief enough to deny that any real thought went into it but long enough to tell a person what you are really thinking about her?
  • How often have you held your breathe after dialing a phone number, hoping you’ll get an answering machine that will allow you to leave the real message you would never leave in person?

When you receive a message that you KNOW was intended to insult you…and you know that the sender KNOWS he was intending to insult you, and he KNOWS THAT YOU KNOW…but you can’t prove it just from his words…you’ve been the victim of the perfect passive aggressive crime!

Please share your stories of passive aggression in e-mails, texts, voice mails, online, etc here!

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