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Jane Lynch on Being an Advocate for Bullied Kids


If you haven’t seen it yet, please go to my Facebook page to check out Jane Lynch’s amazing, spot-on anti-bullying video.  My favorite part:


“Bullying makes children feel like they want to be invisible.  Let’s let them know that we see them, we are listening, and they can count on us to make their lives better.”

From “Happy to Be Me” to Insecurity


I was a big fan of Sesame Street as a kid and am a bigger fan now, as a Mom.  Check out how the show is approaching the problem of bullying with young children–focusing on prevention (where we have a prayer) rather than relying on intervention (where we constantly swim upstream).    LOVE it!

Do Anti-Bullying Programs work?


I love this post by blogger Sue Scheff and agree 100% with her thought that the most effective anti-bullying programs are those that aim to teach social and emotional coping strategies for handling bullying, rather than those that rely on “zero tolerance” policies or focus exclusively on the bully. (more…)

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