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Bullying Author Speaks: “It’s More Important to be Kind than to be Right.”


Children’s author Trudy Ludwig is featured in this article about her recent school visits, talking to kids, professionals, and parents about bullying.  LOVE this author, love her work.  Please check her out:–1328203128–2581–home-news

Great Anti-Bullying Message and Shout Out for Building Self-Esteem in Kids


No-Name Calling Week Targets Bullying in Schools


It turns out that while sticks and stones can break your bones, words can also really hurt. In honor of proving the out-of-date childhood adage incorrect, the week of January 23rd-27th has been set aside as No Name-Calling Week in schools across the country.

Check out my recommendations on Yahoo! Shine for best children’s book titles that can help you reinforce this important anti-bullying message at home:

One Girl’s Anti-Bullying Efforts Make a Difference Throughout Her School


I adore this news story about how one empathic, ready-to-make-her-world-better 8th grade girl used simple, handwritten messages on Post-It notes to change the culture in her school!  Please give it a read:


In Friendship & Other Weapons, I challenge kids to think about how they can help end bullying before, during, and after it occurs.  Kids brainstorm ideas and really learn about what it means to be a (s)hero instead of a bystander.  I want kids to learn and remember that it is never okay to doing nothing about bullying.


Samantha Bremmer, the girl featured in the article, can obviously attest to the fact that little things kids do to create an anti-bullying culture in school can make a huge difference.  WAY TO GO, GIRL!!  Inspire on!

What to Do When Your Daughter is the Mean Girl


I knew this day would come. I was, of course, hoping it never would — hoping that my daughter would never be mean to someone else’s daughter — but as they say, I wrote the book on girl bullying in elementary school, so I knew that there was a pretty good chance that despite all of my best efforts, one of these days, my girl was gonna act like the mean one. This morning, she told me about it.


To read the full story, please visit the HuffingtonPost Parents section at the link below:

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