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There’s Nothing More Badass Than Being Yourself

Thought this photo was the PERFECT image to accompany the Huffington Post article I wrote yesterday, celebrating my daughter’s free spirit and creative thinking:

The Best Bad Report Card Ever: Why I Delight In the “Minus” on My Daughter’s Report Card

I’ve got two awesome, creative, outside-the-box-thinking, free-spirited daughters (if I do say so myself).  While sometimes the fact that they like to do things their “own way” makes them more challenging to parent, I also think it makes them infinitely INTERESTING little people and I know it can make them wildly successful later in life if they channel their ideas well.  That’s why it always concerns me when I see teachers who try to fit them into a box for their own convenience or penalize them for not conforming enough.

Do you have a little free thinker at home?

Please check out my article on the Huffington Post and let me know your thoughts.  Share with your friends via your social networks.  I’d love to hear what other parents think.

When Parents Mirror Kids’ Behavior: The Conflict Cycle on NBC’s Parenthood

The Conflict Cycle™ is Life Space Crisis Intervention’s (LSCI) major paradigm for understanding the dynamics of escalating power struggles between adults and children. In our training courses for parents and professionals, we explain that in times of stress and conflict, kids can create in adults their feelings, and, if not trained, adults will mirror their behaviors.  In the heat of the moment, when adults do what comes naturally–what thousands of years of evolution have prepared their bodies to do–they often only make matters worse.  That is why understanding the LSCI Conflict Cycle is the first line of defense against fueling further conflict.


This clip from NBC’s Parenthood is a perfect example of how Kristina gets caught in a Conflict Cycle and inadvertently mirrors Max’s behavior, thus escalating their power struggle.  Ultimately, both mother and son lose out.  The look of defeat on her face at the end of the clip says it all.



For more information on the LSCI Conflict Cycle and training for parents and professionals, please visit the LSCI link above or visit 

Nothing Matches the Power of a Parent Championing Her Child

…and that’s why this article moved me to tears.  I love this heartfelt defense of a child’s right to be who he is–whatever he is.  I love the way this Mama-bear’s claws that come out to protect and honor her son:


Keep it away from all our kids. It’s my responsibility as a mother, as a human being, to stand up and say “No more.” No, you are not allowed to say those things in front of my children, not unless you want to deal with me. Because I will not allow any of my sons to be viciously attacked without seeing me defend them. They will never have to doubt for a second exactly where their parents stand, and never have to live in fear of who they are.


Please check out the full, powerful article at this link, on the HuffingtonPost.

Spot-On Advice for Young Girls Pondering a “Friend Divorce”

If you’ve ever been in a situation where you need to find the right words to tell a young girl that what she’s about to do is wrong…then check out this column in Teen Vogue, written by Odd Girl Out author, Rachel Simmons.

If you read my blog, you know I’m a big fan of her work and her wisdom–and this is a perfect example of why. I love how Rachel is so honest and forthright in her advice to the girls–while never talking down to them and always maintaining respect for their experiences.

My fingers are crossed that when the time comes, I–and all of my Mom friends–will be able to advise my own daughters this well!

Six Girls Ask: Should We Dump Our Friend?

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