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Pretty’s Got Nothing To Do With It


You may have heard the furor over JC Penny’s recent back-to-school T-Shirt for girls that read, “I’m Too Pretty to do My Homework, So My Brother Has to do it for Me.”

Check out Pigtail Pals’ response, via their newest T-shirt design for little girls:

Waking Up Full of Awesome: Pigtail Pals


This is one of the best, most girl power-ful posts I have ever read.  Love it, love the organization!

Please check them out:

What Moms Can Do About Mean Girls


Not only is Maggie Lamond Simone a hilariously funny writer with great insights into parenting, but she’s also a redhead.  What’s not to love?

Check out her great article on “Mean Girls” from the Huff Post.  Apparently, she and I have more in common than just the hair; in her article and in Friendship & Other Weapons, we both write about parents helping kids cope with bullying by teaching them critical skills, such as standing up for themselves, reaching out to others who are being bullied, championing what they like about themselves, and not tolerating meanness.


If we help our girls develop/retain their self-esteem, there’s a better chance they will be neither bully nor victim.”|htmlws-main-bb|dl16|sec1_lnk3|92426

How to Help Your Daughter Develop Leadership Skills


Check out this great article from Dr. Michelle Borba, based on research from the Girl Scouts of America.  Great tips, practical strategies, and important reminders for parents on how to help our daughters become confident leaders.

Most importantly: Be the change you want to see in your daughter’s life.

How to Cope with Mean Girls


In my little neck of the woods, we are all a-buzz with thoughts and wishes about the postcards scheduled to be mailed from our local elementary school tomorrow, letting us know who our kids’ teachers will be for the coming school year.  While I have hopes for a specific teacher with a reputation for inspiring creativity and out-of-the-box thinking, what I am really wishing for most is that my daughter’s class be filled with nice kids.

The little voice inside my head nags that that expectation is too high.  We are approaching the third grade year–girls are getting meaner.  I hate to say it.  I don’t want to give in to stereotypes.  But I know it to be true.  The bullying that “peaks in middle school” according to statistics, grows very strong roots in elementary school. (more…)

Seeing Through “Perfect” Media Images


Young girls see over 400 advertisements per day telling them how they should look. How can someone–especially a young person–not be effected by this?  Here’s a great article that tells about a glimmer of hope & a small bit of progress.


Thank Goodness for Teaching My Daughters to be Self-Sufficient


I am down and out with a stomach flu today–graciously shared with me by my daughter who had it two days ago.


Though I am feeling awful, I can’t help but be grateful for two little girls who are doing their best to care for me (even making me a bowl of cereal when eating was the LAST thing I wanted to consider…it’s the thought that counts!)  and better yet, to take care of their own needs today.  I was thinking that even a year ago when I had a similar stomach bug, I had to muddle through despite the sickness, since my two little ones needed me for so many things.


Now, despite my older daughter resisting every step toward learning to do things for herself (i.e. brushing her own hair, making her own breakfast, hanging up her own used towels,), it sure feels great today to her and to me that she has taken on these milestones of self-care–not matter how grudgingly she entered into them.  Today, she is proud of herself for all that she can do on her own (my goal exactly!) and I am grateful that I pressed the issue–especially on a feel-awful-day like today.

3 Ways to Help Your Child Respond Well to Anger


It was the deer in headlights expression on my daughter’s face that I noticed first. Next, it was the angry finger pointing of a girl I did not know that made me think, “I better go see what park mishap is occurring.” By the time I stood next to the two girls, the other girl had put her finger away but explained to me with great feeling that my daughter had climbed up on the tire swing, even though she had been saving it for her little brother.

While her defense of her little brother was admirable (boy, do I wish my big brother would have stood up for me like that when we were kids!), it was also obvious that her toddler brother—sliding down the kiddie slide with his mother at the other end of (more…)

What to Say to Enhance a Young Girl’s Self Image


Check out this brilliant article by Lisa Bloom, author of ‘Think: Straight Talk for Women to Stay Smart in a Dumbed Down World’

5 Practical Strategies for Encouraging Your Daughter to Enjoy Being a Kid–and Not Rush Growing Up


Love this site.  Adore this article.  Great, practical strategies for parents grappling with the question of “what is age-appropriate for my daughter?”

I especially love the idea of letting our daughters know that it’s okay to enjoy getting to be young–that growing up quickly doesn’t (more…)

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