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Coffee with the Counselor Resource List


This school year, I’ll be offering monthly Coffee with the Counselor events at my school on the first Friday of each month. Coffee with the Counselor mornings will provide an informal opportunity for parents & caregivers to discuss issues related to child and adolescent development, mental health, social & emotional development, and general well-being. I’ll share interesting resources and recommend readings on selected topics, to inspire discussion within the group.

To kick of the 2019-2020 year, here are some of the articles I hope can help all of us work together to build a caring community for children.  Don’t be put off by the prevalence of the word “fail” in the titles below: these resources make a compelling case for cultivating the skills kids need to tolerate frustration, persist through uncomfortable emotional states, and pick themselves up whenever they fall…or fail.  Looking forward to talking about these in October!

Broken: A Raw Account of Depression, Bullying, and the Helping Profession


The author of this piece, below, is a therapist, writer, and classmate of mine from graduate school. In this piece, he is raw and real and powerful, pulling back the curtain on one young girl’s desperation. This piece is about depression. It is about bullying. It is about hopelessness. And about hope too. Thanks, Roy DeWinkeleer, for being on the helping side!

As one reader reminded me when I shared this article on Facebook: you might need tissues for this read.  As parents, we all share this deepest, most petrifying fear that this may one day be our child.

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