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“The Secret Life of Girls” A Drama about Girl Bullying at the Dallas Children’s Theatre


I wish I were able to get the whole news clip for you here…but believe me when I say it’s worth a visit to this CBS local news affiliate website to check out what the Dallas Children’s Theater’s resident playwright, Linda Daugherty, has to say about “The Secret Life of Girls.”

I’m headed to Dallas this weekend to see the play on Friday and then present a 75min. workshop based on Friendship & Other Weapons to a group of Moms and Daughters before Saturday’s performance of The Secret Life of Girls.  Really looking forward to the trip!

LSCI Teaches Skills for De-escalating Student Crises


In Life Space Crisis Intervention (LSCI) training, professionals who work with challenging students learn specific skills for understanding the dynamics of conflict and de-escalating student crises.  What sets LSCI training apart from other in-service programs is its focus on the adult’s role in conflict and the opportunity professionals have to turn a crisis situation into a learning opportunity.

This video, featuring real-life footage from a high school in Boston, is a great example of how adults can sometimes escalate conflicts with students.  LSCI teaches specific skills that help professionals understand the dynamics of escalating power struggles with students and control their responses to students so that all-too-common situations like this can be prevented.



For more information on LSCI training, please visit the LSCI link on this site or the LSCI Institute’s home page at 

Original Play about Girl Bullying: “The Secret Life of Girls” to debut at the Dallas Children’s Theatre on 2/10/2012


I am completely honored to be the keynote speaker for the Dallas Children’s Theater’s presentation of “The Secret Life of Girls.”  Check it out:



THE SECRET LIFE OF GIRLS, a Dallas Children’s Theater TEEN SCENE production, runs Feb. 10 – 26, 2012.

The Secret Life of Girls is an honest, unflinching, and timely look at the destructive world of bullying. This dynamic play is sweeping the country with over 100 productions across the U.S. Not just for girls, this is a dramatic family event with an insightful dialogue following every performance.

Passive Aggressive Question Answerer


My friend Amy just filled me in on this perfectly passive aggressive website:  Have you heard of it?  I’d tell you about it, but it would ruin the laugh you’ll get by taking 2 minutes to check it out.  Suffice it to say we’ve probably all felt this way when faced with a person who finds it more convenient to bother us with their question than to just google it for themselves.  Enjoy!

Bullying Author Speaks: “It’s More Important to be Kind than to be Right.”


Children’s author Trudy Ludwig is featured in this article about her recent school visits, talking to kids, professionals, and parents about bullying.  LOVE this author, love her work.  Please check her out:–1328203128–2581–home-news

Abnormal Psychology: An Anthology of Contemporary Articles


Check out my most recent book project:

Abnormal Psychology: An Anthology of Contemporary Articles is a collection of current readings covering the major diagnostic classifications of psychopathology. The text is written for collegiate programs that teach about abnormal behaviors. Students will learn effectively from the selected readings, which expose them to authentic research and factual case studies.

Articles selected for the anthology illustrate people from Asian, Canadian, European, Caribbean, Hispanic, and Aboriginal cultures, as well as mainstream American ethnic groups. The text begins with articles discussing the stigma attached to mental illness, and parent-reported reasons for unmet mental health needs in children. Subsequent chapters deal with the full spectrum of disorders including:

  • Childhood Disorders
  • Personality Disorders
  • Sexual Paraphilias and Gender Issues
  • Depressive and Bipolar Disorders
  • Substance Use and Addiction
  • Somatic Symptom Disorders
  • The Schizophrenia Spectrum
  • Neurocognitive Disorders

Abnormal Psychology can be used as a primary textbook. It is also a valuable supplemental text for courses in counseling, education, nursing, psychology, pharmacology, sociology and social work.

Girls Rule! Check out “The Best in Me” PSA Video from the Girl Scouts


I adore little girls who are confident in the knowledge that they can do anything and be anyone!  Check out this empowering new PSA from the Girl Scouts and share it with a little girl you love.

What Have You Done to Make a Child Feel Valued Today?


They will not remember what we said.
They will not even remember what we did.
But they will never forget how we made them feel.
                                –Maya Angelou

Great Video to Teach Kids about the Permanency of Online Posts


In Friendship & Other Weapons, girls are given the opportunity to learn and talk about the role of social media in their lives and relationships.  This YouTube video is a great entre for teaching girls–and boys–about the permancy of what they post online–via Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, or even text.  “Once you post it, you lose control.”

Showing and discussing this video with kids is 99 seconds well-spent.

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